Oct 172017

The grade 0 class was learning about the letter W this week.

Science experiments with water  proved great fun.

They learned to bend water with static electricity.

They learned that adding salt to water to change the waters density and can make an egg float.

It was also such fun discovering the properties of ice, water and steam.

Aug 012017

The 18th July was celebrated with an assembly celebrating the life

and achievements of our first democratic president.

67 minutes were spent in service.

The grade 0’s made sandwiches

and decorated bags while practicing their OT skills.

Aug 012017

The grade 7’s put on an impressive show of their entrepreneurial skills.

Great stalls, amazing products and an opportunity for the younger learners

to enjoy the experience of a fantastic market day!


Apr 052017

A beautiful warm day set the scene for another successful Crossroads Gala.
A super effort by all our swimmers. Well Done!

The results were:

Pluto   46        Venus   74             Mars   96

Pluto  57          Venus   106          Mars 55

Pluto  103         Venus    180          Mars 180