Frequently asked questions


library2013What kind of school is Crossroads School?

Crossroads is a school for learners of average intellectual ability but with specific learning difficulties.

How many pupils do you have?

We have 237 learners enrolled for the year 2014.

What are the school hours?

Junior Unit (Gr 0-2): 07:40 – 13:00
Middle Unit (Gr3-4): 07:40 – 13:45
Senior Unit (Gr 5-7): 07:40 – 14:00

How big are the classes at Crossroads?

Each class consists of 12-15 learners.

What extracurricular activities are available?

Please see our School Life page for full details.

What are your fees?

Please see our Admissions page for full details.

What kind of support is offered at your school?

Crossroads offers a multi-disciplinary team consisting of the Psychology, Speech, Occupational and Remedial therapy Department as well as a highly qualified teaching staff.

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