Admission Process and Fees


The Admission process

pdfIf you would like to apply for admittance of your child to Crossroads School, please complete the Inquiry Form and attach the latest assessment reports (i.e. the Psychological, Speech, Occupational Therapy and Scholastic or Remedial assessments), as well as the last school report and proof of payment of the non-refundable administration fee of R1000. This charge is payable with submission of documentation for your child’s considered application.

This is a prerequisite for enrolment at Crossroads School. These can be emailed to or faxed to 011 888 7415.

Once we are in possession of all the documentation, we will ascertain, from the reports, whether Crossroads is the correct placement for your child.

External Assessments Guide

External Assessments Guide

If no testing has been done, please see the “External Assessment Guide” in order to find who you can book an assessment with.

In the middle of the year we have a clearer idea of how many children will be returning to mainstream education, and therefore how many places we will have available for new enrolments. In the meantime, all suitable applications are placed on a waiting list until we are able to confirm placement. We are able to start offering places by September each year, for admission in the following January.

Parent Visit and Interview:
admission2013Both parents will be invited to meet with the Principal, who will discuss the application further and explain how Crossroads School operates. The Principal will also give a tour of the school.
After you have been offered a place you will meet with the Administrator, Mrs Anne Saunders, who will give you enrolment forms, and go through them with you. Once the forms have been completed and returned to Crossroads, together with the R35000.00 non-refundable enrolment fee, your child’s place is secured.

Enrolment Pack:
• Personal Particulars
• Financial Admittance Form
• Method of Payment of School Fees Form
• Financial Clearance Certificate from previous school
• Birth Certificate
• My School Card Application
• Prospectus

Pupil Visit:
Towards the end of the year we hold a New Pupil Orientation, to which the parents and their children are invited. After an introductory talk by the Principal in the Hall, the pupils disperse to their new classes for a more in-depth talk by their teachers.

Pupils and parents are then free to wander around and familiarise themselves with the School.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop will be open.



Enrolment Fee (non-refundable)                    R 35 000.00

Fees – per annum                                         R 122,562.00 pa

If paid before end of January 2019,                R 116, 433.90

less 5% (R6 128.10)

Months x11                                                    R 11 142.00

Months x12 (by arrangement only)                R 9 370.00

Termly – x3                                                          R 40 854.00

(1 January, 1 May & 1 September)

Annual Insurance                                               R150.00 pa

Tours & Annual Magazine Levy                      R500.00 pa


Nedbank Killarney Branch

A/C No.: 191 600 2587

Branch Code: 191 605

Ref: Name of Learner

Contact the administration staff for assistance.

Inquiry Form

Inquiry Form

External Assessments Guide

External Assessments Guide