Aftercare supervisor Joanne Harrison 082 336 8768 / 076 818 9039 and her team have a holistic approach to Aftercare and in so doing value the family unit to work alongside you to offer your child the best care and assistance possible. They have an open door policy and welcome you to come in and talk to them at any time.

The Aftercare Centre, although run for your convenience from the Crossroads school premises, is being run as a completely separate entity.

Joanne Harrison graduated as an educator and has a passion for children and adults with remedial and special needs. She has been involved with teaching and managing various education centres, catering for children and young adults of different education levels for the past few years.

Thokozile is a qualified nurse with experience working with children in this field and has a passion for remedial and special needs children.

Enrollment  and indemnity forms are to be completed annually for each child who attends aftercare whether on a regular or causal basis. It is of utmost importance that all information, especially telephone numbers are kept up to date.

Please find the relevant forms below:



Crossroads Aftercare