External Assessments


Children are usually referred for an assessment when they start presenting with specific challenges to learning or when something specific is impacting on their performance, behaviour, emotions and functionality in general.

When applying for admission to a Remedial School, a battery of assessments (e.g. Psychological -, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language therapy and a scholastic assessment) is usually required. The relevance of a specific assessment will however be determined by the specific challenges that your child is presenting with.

The reason for assessments is to establish a baseline and to determine a child’s specific areas of strength and weaknesses. This information will guide the recommendations and implementation of the most appropriate intervention programmes that might be required address these challenges, to enable the child to perform according to his or her potential. Assessments also provide valuable information to enable parents to make an informed decision regarding the most appropriate school placement based on a child’s specific needs.

Should you require more detailed information please feel free to contact the Deputy Principal: Therapy, Mrs Cornelia de Kock, telephonically during school hours, or via email.

Download the External Assessments guideline (April 2017) by clicking here.