Extra-curricular activities


Dear Parents

Click here to download the Extramural Timetable for 2018 Term 2

extracurrPlease note the following:

  • In an effort to encourage commitment and participation, your child is expected to attend the selected activity/activities for the full duration of the term
  • If your child is unable to attend an activity, please send an excuse note to the teacher in charge.
  • No phone calls for forgotten sports kit may be made from the office.
  • Please collect your child promptly at the end of all extramural activities.
  • All monies must be put in a clearly marked envelope – child’s name and class, activity, amount of money. Please note that your child’s place is not secured until the money has been paid.
  • Gr 5-7 learners who sign up for Drama on a Thursday are required to do an activity before the start of the drama lesson (eg Homework Class, swimming)

With regards extramural activities that involve additional payment, please pay the money to the person listed below:

Grade 1,2 Arts & Crafts R 220.00 Mrs Durrant
Gardening R 70.00 Mrs Durrant
Experibuddies R 650.00 Mrs Durrant
Ceramics R 600.00 Mrs Durrant
Woodcrafts R 500.00 Mrs Durrant
Grade 3-7 Art (Grade 3,4) R220.00  Mrs Reid
Music R440.00 Mrs Reid
Ceramics R600.00 Mrs Reid
Experibuddies R650.00 Mrs Reid
Woodcrafts R500.00 Mrs Reid


The following activities are run privately. Fees need to be paid directly to the person in charge:

  • Karate             Tuesday – Contact Ryan directly on ryan.karatekids@gmail.com or 072 435 4917 (sms)

Friday – Contact Shaun directly on 083 593 0622

  • Field Golf Contact Dave directly on 082 731 8648 or dlewis002@gmail.com
  • Yoga for Kids Contact Natalie directly on 084 341 2833 or info@yoga4kids.co.za
  • Drama Contact Lyr Weltsman directly on 082 505 4004
  • Dancing Contact Shannon Gedye directly on 082 496 4988 or shannon@cherrydance.co.za
  • Soccer Clinic Contact Tony Pearce directly on 079 579 7656


At Crossroads School we are all aware that sport is not simply about matches, but rather an opportunity for pupils to learn valuable life skills and we therefore encourage the pupils to adopt the appropriate level of sportsmanship.
In consultation with the teachers in charge and the coaches we have decided that we would like to honour the following standards in the selection process:

Each pupil is expected to behave in a manner that befits a Crossroads pupil: ie listen to and respect the coach’s instructions; respect and support fellow team mates by not ridiculing anyone’s performance; show sportsmanship towards other schools in the face of victory and defeat.

If a pupil’s behaviour does not reach the above standards at a match they will have to sit out for the following match.

If a pupil’s behaviour does not reach the above standards at a practice they will not be considered for the match that follows the practice. In either case they will be ‘counselled’ by the teacher in charge in order to help them understand what is acceptable, and thereafter they will be given a fresh start.

If a pupil is unable to attend the practice prior to a match they will not be included in the team and one of the reserves will be given the opportunity to play. They will obviously be more than welcome to attend the match and give their team support from the sidelines so that they still feel part of the team.

Crossroads School provides our sports teams with a large number of keen children each term. It is our wish that we keep up their spirited interest. Therefore we will try our best to give the committed pupils a chance to play in at least one match; however, now that we are playing in established leagues we owe it to our opposition to give them a fairly competitive match so we need to be somewhat consistent with a number of key players. Our focus is on participation and creating enjoyment on a sport.