Music – Rhythmic Junkies


At Rhythm Junkies, we believe in giving pupils a structure to follow but also in allowing and encouraging them to develop their own unique musical ideas at their own pace. Class music lessons will develop not only each child’s musical ability but also his or her creativity, imagination, concentration, dexterity, fine motor co-ordination, listening skills, social development, and confidence.


2.1 Pupils will be introduced to a wide variety of group-style instruments. The foundation of playing these instruments will be taught along with some fun history, basic theory and background information. Such instruments will include bongos, djembes, xylophones, maracas, shakers, sleigh bells, hand bells, tambourines, clappers and claves.

2.2 Pupils will also be given the opportunity to build their own instruments which can be taken home at the end of the lesson.

2.3 The focus of lessons will be on building a repertoire of different songs, playing and listening as a group, music games and instrument identification.

2.4 Rhythm Junkies class music lessons will incorporate drum circles done in small groups.

2.5 Lessons will be well-constructed and conducted by professional musicians who have an innate ability to connect with children. Lessons will be exciting and creative.



The extra-mural music programme at Crossroads School will be more advanced than class music. The lessons will explore music in a more in-depth manner, including learning to play a bigger variety of instruments, completing more technical exercises, more complex patterns and rhythms and enjoying themed lessons. This programme would be ideal for pupils looking to further their musical education and for those who really enjoy their class music and would like to do more of it. Class music would teach the basic structure and fundamentals of group music-playing. The extra-mural music programme will then build on and expand on this.

    • A new instrument will be introduced each term according to a theme, which will not be used in class music. This will be in addition to the standard class music instruments.
    • Lessons will be themed according to the instrument introduced. As such, each term will have its own theme, in the form of a musical genre. An example of this would be to introduce the Conga drum and explore Brazilian style-music over the term, both modern-day and traditional.
    • Extra-mural pupils will be given the opportunity to perform in front of their fellow pupils and family members at an assembly or agreed-upon occasion. Such performances would be done in groups and would display each group’s unique style and creativity.
    • Extra-mural pupils will be given time to develop their own unique beats, grooves and rhythms, using their own ideas and creativity. This would require more dedication and commitment from the pupils.
    • Extra-mural pupils will also be exposed to more contemporary instruments over the course of the year. Some lessons will take the form of workshops which will be designed to introduce pupils to instruments which are played solo. This would focus on gauging each individual pupil’s interests and capability for further music education. Such instruments would include drum kit, guitar, key board, etc. These pupils would then be given a demonstration of the instrument and be allowed to “test it out” for a few minutes, under the supervision and guidance of the teacher.