Mar 292018

Crossroads Gala 2018

The Crossroads Gala took place on Thursday 29 March 2018, it was a beautiful warm day and once again it was a huge success. Well done and congratulations to all the participants of the inter-house gala.

The scores were as follows:

Pluto – 40      Venus – 70      Mars – 110
Pluto – 70      Venus – 80      Mars – 70
Combined Scores
Pluto – 110     Venus – 150    Mars – 180

Crossroads Gala 2017

Oct 172017

Today the sensory garden and additions to the foundation phase playground were enjoyed for the by the learners in grade 0,1 and two.

It was a day filled with much excitement and exploration!

The opening of the upgraded Foundation Phase playground

Oct 172017

The grade 0 class was learning about the letter W this week.

Science experiments with water  proved great fun.

They learned to bend water with static electricity.

They learned that adding salt to water to change the waters density and can make an egg float.

It was also such fun discovering the properties of ice, water and steam.

Aug 012017

The 18th July was celebrated with an assembly celebrating the life

and achievements of our first democratic president.

67 minutes were spent in service.

The grade 0’s made sandwiches

and decorated bags while practicing their OT skills.

Mandela Day

Aug 012017

The grade 7’s put on an impressive show of their entrepreneurial skills.

Great stalls, amazing products and an opportunity for the younger learners

to enjoy the experience of a fantastic market day!


Grade 7 entrepreneurs day

Aug 012017

Science comes alive in grade 7. A practical day learning all  about the crab.

Grade 7 Crab dissection


Aug 012017

A fun filled day in the winter sun!

A splash of colour brightened up the field as the learners ran or walked their laps.


Colour run

Aug 012017

Our outreach project for the second term was a book collection.

The Grade 4’s went to Orange Grove to deliver the books that had been collected.

A great day of reading was had by all.

Book Collection Outreach Project

Jul 312017

Fun and games in letterland! The grade O’s had fun playing games

and singing songs about the letters and sounds they have learned this year.

Grade 0 Letterland Day