Outreach Programs



Crossroads Connect

Crossroads connect is a group of highly motivated staff across all professional disciplines in the school. The mission is to provide a sharing of our combined knowledge and human resources to uplift those less fortunate I our community. Our current project is the Greymont reading Centre.  Talks and workshops are offered by arrangement to schools or groups in the community.


What a busy Outreach year we are having.

In the first term we celebrated Valentine’s Day by bringing chocolate slabs for the homeless. These were very well received as was evident from the smiles on their faces. The Senior unit collected dogs and cat food for the Randburg SPCA. The Grade 5 H’s delivered the food and were taken around the kennels and were given a short talk on the how the SPCA functions. The Junior unit had their visit from the Guide Dog Association puppy walkers. A visit which is well loved by the children as they walk or rather run the young dogs around the playground. As always the puppies are well smothered and cuddled by the children. The money we collect goes towards the training of the puppies.

In the second term we started our Outreach with Tekkie day and for R10 for CHOC the children and staff, wore their colourful takkies to school. We then collected a huge amount of non-perishables for the state pensioners who live on very little each month. The extra food was a blessing for them.

In the third term we will wear Bandanas for Bandana day on Monday the 13th October. This is always lots of fun as the children try to find very original ways to wear the bandanas. The junior unit will have the Guide Dog Association again and the much loved ice cream cones to enjoy as well. As a whole school project we will collect nappies and formula for the children who are abandon “Bums and Tums”. Part of the fund raising for “Door of Hope”.

Thank you to all the children and parents for their enthusiasm in making another successful Outreach year.

Frances Reid