I would like to personally thank each staff member at crossroads that was personally involved in helping both Alessia and Syrah mainstream. Crossroads Teaching Staff alongside the therapists helped these girls excel to be the best they could be. Crossroads not only gave them the academic support to grow as individuals but also the emotional support to grow and develop into positive, confident young women. In the years leading up to the girls leaving primary school we saw a huge improvement in them as a whole, not just academically. The teachers took the time and patience to make sure that all the gaps the girls had encountered were closed and accomplished before moving on to the next level.

I would also like to say that thanks to Crossroads Alessia was accepted into Crawford College and Syrah was accepted into Kings College.

Without Crossroads and its amazing staff and support staff none of this would have been possible for Alessia and Syrah.

Thank you again.

Mariano Bruni

Mrs Rodgers and the school did brilliant groundwork preparing Samuel Raymond for his move from Crossroads to school in Scotland. Sam had to leap not only from primary school, but also to 2nd year in high school in another country. In Sam’s words: “I am coping in my new school in a different country because of Crossroads. Thank  you Crossroads.

Reuvein Fischer is doing well. He was well prepared because of the introduction that Crossroads facilitated to King David Victory Park together with his teacher at the time. Cindy Tinnefeld was also fantastic because she prepared well and gave him coping mechanisms to deal with the change.

Tumelo Khuele and I are missing everyone at Crossroads, as well as the school events. It has been very challenging with Tumelo in new school environment, but he is quite happy there now.

Stephan Kritzinger has adjusted fantastically and is a happy, successful “mainstream” little boy. Crossroads was the best choice we could have made for him as it introduced him to a formal school environment in a gentle, supportive way. Stephan is really a success story, going from a hyperactive, anxious pre- scholar with social limitations to a normal well -adjusted Gr 3 child with excellent “self-regulation” (a term he learnt at Crossroads and is very proud of).

James Goddard has settled in at Saint Stithian’s as a boarder and had his first exam experience this term. His results were great and he passed all his subjects with over 50 %. I am proud of him and thank Crossroads for the input and care James was given whilst there.

Nathan Shabo is LOVING his new school, My Tutor and Teaching Centre! At first he found it very difficult – especially maths .However, after extra lessons with Ash Mountfort (who teaches drama at Crossroads!) AND a lot of hard work, he has done VERY well in the recent exams. Nathan seems to fit in well and is happy. Crossroads is a wonderful school and I miss it!

Daniel Selvan is doing really well. He’s been fortunate in that he’s slotted back into the school and picked up old friendships as if he had never left. He’s managing the work pretty well  – although he finds it difficult to read through stuff and study alone

Roger Wanblad has done so well at Crest. We were very happy with his marks on his report which apart from Afrikaans are at a grade 8 level. His maths was particularly good at 63%!!!!

Adam Dunstan is doing very well. He is happy and I can highly recommend Orion – very supportive environment and quality education. They motivate the kids and the discipline is good.