WelcomeWelcome! Crossroads Remedial School educates bright children who have a learning challenge and have experienced adversity and struggled to keep up with their mainstream pupils or as a young child have benefited from the additional input of occupational, speech or play therapy and further intervention is required.

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Please note that Crossroads follows a 3 Term Calendar and will be closed for the winter holidays from midday Thursday 8 August until Tuesday 10 September 2019.

Any communication received during the holiday will be responded to once school resumes.

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Crossroads Carnival 2018

The Annual Crossroads Carnival kicked off with great excitement. A wide variety of carnival games kicked off the evening.

The array of prizes to be won kept everyone coming back for more. Market stalls and jumping castles, great food and the ever popular beer garden ensured that good fun was had by all!

Congratulations to all the parachute jump prize winners.


Crossroads Gala 2018

A beautiful warm day set the scene for another successful Crossroads Gala.
A super effort by all our swimmers. Well Done!

The results were:

Pluto – 40      Venus – 70      Mars – 110
Pluto – 70      Venus – 80      Mars – 70
Combined Scores
Pluto – 110     Venus – 150    Mars – 180


Baden Powell Day 2018

On the 22nd of February 2018, Scouts and Guides dressed up to celebrate Baden Powell Day. Crossroads kids belonging to these groups were encouraged to wear their scouts/guides uniform on the day.

Mandela Day

The 18th July was celebrated with an assembly celebrating the life and achievements of our first democratic president.
67 minutes were spent in service.The grade 0’s made sandwiches and decorated bags while practicing their OT skills.


Grade 7 Entrepreneurs day

The grade 7’s put on an impressive show of their entrepreneurial skills.

Great stalls, amazing products and an opportunity for the younger learners to enjoy the experience of a fantastic market day!


Grade 7 Crab dissection

Science comes alive in grade 7. A practical day learning all  about the crab.


Colour Run

A fun filled day in the winter sun!

A splash of colour brightened up the field as the learners ran or walked their laps.


Book Collection Outreach Project

Our outreach project for the second term was a book collection.

The Grade 4’s went to Orange Grove to deliver the books that had been collected.

A great day of reading was had by all.


Grade 0 Letterland Day

Fun and games in letterland! The grade O’s had fun playing games

and singing songs about the letters and sounds they have learned this year.


Generous Gesture This Weekend For the Cancer Association

On Saturday one of our learners had approximately 30cm of her hair cut off which she is donating to the Cancer Association.

The Cancer association will be able to make 2 wigs out of her hair. The wigs will be given to cancer patients who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

This young learner’s gesture has inspired others to do the same.


Grade O Outing toLittle OT’S

The Grade 0 class went on their first outing at Big School.

It was fun to go on the bus together and play all morning.

A quick break for a snack and back to the business of play!


During the month of January the learners all donated dog and cat food
for the animals at the Randburg SPCA.

The Grade 7 learners and a wonderful excursion to deliver the food
and learn all about the important work done by the SPCA.


Welcome to Big School where learning is fun!


Crossro007ads 50th Birthday Cocktail Party

On Wednesday 28th September 2016, Crossroads celebrated its’ 50th birthday with a gathering of past and present learners, parents and staff.  The evening was an opportunity to reminisce about the past and celebrate the great success of the

DSCN0615World Quality Day

Thursday the 12th November was World Quality Day. This day was introduced by the United Nations in 1990 in celebration and recognition of quality performance, innovation, growth and sustainability.

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World Food Day Initiative

On Friday 16th October the children and staff brought food items to school to surprise and spoil the many ‘grannies’ and ‘grandads’ at an Old Age Home in Parkmore.

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Hooked On BooksCrossroads learners are “Hooked on Books!”
On Thursday 9 April learners dressed up as their favourite character from a story. They were then treated to a fantastic performance by the “hooked on books” team and the learners were able to purchase exciting new books to read. A great

Crossroads celebrates Valentines day

Learners at Crossroads School celebrate Valentines day and the day of love and giving with an extra special difference. Children at our school not only come to school wearing civvies but come to school bearing chocolate gifts for the our Elderly and our homeless members of the community. This jester of love fills the hearts of Crossroads and our community members who are in need, making everyone feel special on Valentines day, knowing that we have made another person’s day that much sweeter.

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Barefoot Day

Our children and parents, donated their second hand shoes to charity. The children were allowed to come to school barefoot for the day. The donated shoes will be distributed to the homeless and street children in our area, and some of the smaller little shoes will be donated to an under-privileged children’s hospital.

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Farewell, so long Crossroads

So long, Crossroads (a neurotic mother’s story, father’s story would be very different!)

To be truthful our Crossroads journey started when our son was 3 and in Grade 000. His teacher told us that he was very fidgety, didn’t follow instructions and rarely completed tasks!…

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Crossroads Horse Riding

Have a look at our Horse Riding extra mural activity.

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Crossroads Cricket

Join us at our cricket day.

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Sports Day

Sports Day:
Run, run , run! That is what we were all doing on Tuesday! We ran our little hearts out and cheered for our teams! We had such a fun day in the sun and afterwards we could all go home early! The next day we could all have a good rest and also celebrate our Heritage!

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Food for the Poor

Collecting Food for the Poor

We are a school that cares for others and so we collected food for people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

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Water Wise Day

We at Crossroads care about our planet and want to conserve all the water because we know it is a vital resource. At our WaterWise day, we learnt all about how to not waste water and how to make sure we look after our planet by not polluting. At the end of the day, we all did the WaterWise Boogie!

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