A Day in the Life of a Crossroads Learner

Typically the school day begins at 07:40, when our learners gather together ‘Under The Awning” for announcements to be made and notices given for the day and week ahead. The learners then go to their respective classes for the day’s activities. Each classroom has their timetable structure set out on the board to enable planning and preparation for each child. 

There are two break times during the day to allow the children a healthy snack, to stretch their legs and give their brains an opportunity to exercise their social skills in the playground. Our remedial educators provide creative movement breaks during class time as well to ensure the children that have difficulty staying focussed, are given as much support as possible to activate their ability to learn. Depending on the grade, the academic day ends between 13:00-14:00. 

Once the academic day is complete, there is a host of extra murals offered to all learners. The selection of extra-murals is diverse and incorporates physical, creative, and cognitive development. 


Our school week includes:

  • Reading and Maths Therapy
  • All Psychological, Speech-Language, Occupational and Learning Support Therapies occur during the school day.
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Technology, Computers – desktop & iPad skills, Robotics & Coding
  • Library

We strongly encourage children to participate in our sports and cultural activities in the afternoon. Please refer to the extra-mural tab for these details.


A Plan for Every Child

At Crossroads School we recognise that every child has unique challenges. We use Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) to ensure that teaching is customised to meet each individual child’s cognitive profile and learning ability whilst following the CAPS Curriculum. Many of our learners have experienced a vulnerability in learning and additional support is provided through a trans-disciplined approach.

This consists of:

  • Classroom Educators (remedial qualified)
  • Speech-Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Learning Support Therapists
  • Specialist Educators: Art, Computers & Robotics and Physical Education
  • Parents

Crossroads School emphasises collaborative team-work between learners, parents, therapists, and teachers. The involvement of all concerned with the learners, allows an understanding to develop whereby the learner is given unspoken freedom to flourish and the opportunity to excel in all aspects of growth and development. The skills that are taught in various therapies are reinforced in the classroom setting which allows all learners to cement these skills in practice. This serves to allow the learner to deal with further education in a focused, disciplined and confident manner.

Crossroads is continually enhancing our approach and evolving the programmes used to improve learning based on ever-increasing research and development of new innovations.

The below approaches and programmes are some of what is used continuously at Crossroads, with others being adjusted accordingly:

  • CEA – Cognitive Enrichment Advantage. CEA is all about ‘learning to think and thinking to learn’.  The CEA approach instills ‘Building Blocks of Thinking and Tools of Learning’ preparing our learners with a broad range of metacognitive thinking skills.
  • COGMED – “Cogmed is the single most scientifically validated method that improves working memory and attention. Working memory is key to the brain’s processing capacity. It is vital for concentration, reasoning, learning and resisting distractions.”
  • NUMICON equipment – facilitates a better grasp of conceptual maths – Numicon is a distinctive multi-sensory approach to children’s mathematical learning that emphasises three key aspects of doing mathematics:  1. communicating mathematically, 2. exploring relationships, 3. solving problems in everyday life (generally).


Crossroads Therapy Department

The Crossroads Therapy Department is intrinsic to the holistic offering of our remedial intervention. Ours operates with an integrated and multidisciplinary team where we aim to nurture and develop the learner’s skills in order to achieve their full potential. With this goal in mind, we strive to work together in collaboration with caregivers to create the optimal support structure for the child. The therapy team values the establishment of open communication channels with caregivers for the benefit of the learner, and joint engagement in the identification and intervention of focus areas. 

The therapy department provides services based on the individual assessment and specific needs of each learner attending Crossroads. The therapy unit aims to provide a comprehensive support structure to the remediation of the child as an individual. This indicates that not all learner academic and therapeutic programs will be identical, and includes ongoing evaluation of intervention plans tailored to the dynamic and changing needs of the learner.

Therapy may be provided in individual sessions, pairs or small groups, or a combination of these approaches. Class therapy is also provided by each discipline in conjunction with input from the teacher to support engagement with the curriculum through therapeutic strategies. Class therapy serves to provide a practical experience and opportunity for support in application of the acquired skills for class work.

2023 has been an exciting year for launching new initiatives. In January, Crossroads introduced a new model of intervention incorporating intensive joint input from the speech therapist, OT, and teacher called “SPOTT therapy” which provides a further opportunity for the integration of therapy and curriculum.

In May, Crossroads is piloting a Therapeutic Boxing Programme in partnership with Fight with Insight. This programme works to create safe and inclusive spaces for children and adolescents for development of physical, socio-emotional and cognitive skills. The aims of this initiative are multi-fold and include: 

  • Empowering and encouraging the child/adolescent to recognise their rights and responsibilities, take accountability and understand the consequences for their actions.
  • The group dynamic is utilised to establish a feeling of universality and shared experience, while also providing structure and accountability, with positive ‘pressure’ to willingly take on challenges and push current abilities and limits – not ‘competitive’ but targets and competes against individual goals, records and challenges.  
  • The programme leaders/coaches tend to be strong role models, particularly males, supporting the paternal function, and encouraging/reinforcing principles of compassion, respect for self and others, and appropriate social interaction
  • The goal of integrating this programme into a school setting includes the development and empowerment of school staff/external coaches to understand, embody and facilitate these skills. 
  • Sessions enforce clear rules and rituals around social behaviour, greeting, making contact and impressions, taking turns and participating in a group. 

Extra-mural Activities

Cultural and Sporting extra-murals are an important and necessary part of holistic development for our learners in our school’s life.  We offer a range of activities that children can attend after the academic day and we encourage them to be responsible in all they commit to.

School-offered extra-murals include:                                                                          

  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Music Appreciation
  • Chess

Other extra-murals offered at an extra cost include:

  • Marimbas
  • Golf
  • Boxercise
  • Yoga
  • Bounce
  • Kids Coding
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Ceramics
  • Karate
  • Speech & Drama
  • and more!

An updated timetable is available from the office or contact info@crossroadsschool.co.za for further information.


Aftercare is offered to all children by Joanne Harrison (082 336 8768 / 076 818 9039). Joanne and her team have a holistic approach to Aftercare and value the family unit to work alongside them in offering your child the best care and support. They have an open-door policy and welcome you to come in and talk to them at any time.

The Aftercare Centre is managed independently from the school but is located on the school’s premises for your convenience.

Joanne graduated as an educator and has a passion for children and adults with remedial and special needs. She has been involved with teaching and managing various education centres, catering for children and young adults of different education levels for the past few years.

Thokozile is a qualified nurse with experience working with children in this field and has a passion for remedial and special needs children.

Contact info@crossroadsschool.co.za for enrolment and further information.

Tuck Shop

Crossroads School has an independently-run tuck shop that is open during the school’s two breaks. 

The price list and selection is available from the school’s communication system or contact info@crossroadsschool.co.za.