Admissions Process

The admissions process is rigorous as it is very important that your child receives the best educational support for their needs at this juncture. Our professional staff takes the time to assess every application from a multidisciplinary perspective to ensure your child’s individual needs can be met in the Crossroads environment. We are able to accommodate a maximum of 14 learners per class.

Our learners have good potential to learn and many return to a mainstream school or are advised on the most suitable educational environment for them in their secondary schooling years.  Crossroads educates learners who learn differently, and who would benefit from additional input and support in developing their skills enabling them to flourish academically.

All reports submitted must be current and the application form must be completed fully before it can be considered.

Download the application form below.

You can upload your completed application form below or email it to us at


School fees are calculated annually and are broken down into:

  1. Administration Fee – paid when you submit an application
  2. Development Levy – paid upon acceptance
  3. Fees – paid monthly, termly or annually
  4. Extras
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