The PTA is a voluntary organisation of parents who are prepared to fully commit to their portfolios at no personal gain to themselves.

The PTA has a responsibility to the School Board, The School Principal, School Employees and to the Parents of the School to raise funds separate to the School Funds, to support endeavours that improve the School and the quality of life of all those who are present at the School.

The general objectives of the PTA are as follows:

  • Raise Funds for the School
  • Create Community Spirit
  • Create growth

A variety of learning experiences of a positive nature should occur through these events for children. Parents are key factors in this and encouraging parents to get involved with their children is vital to the growth of positive relationships between the community, families and the School.

We welcome you to our community and hope that you will participate in creating a better environment for all.

PTA Committee

School Representatives:

In terms of projects, the PTA have not earmarked any specific projects for the 2018 year. The projects undertaken with the funds raised in 2017

  1. The Foundations Phase Sensory Garden
  2. The purchase of Marimbas for the music offering
  3. The purchase of playground equipment for the grade 3 and 4’s field
  4. The purchase of solar blankets for the pool


Should you wish to join the PTA, or require any further information, please ask the school to contact the relevant member

Chairperson: Kim Meyer

Treasurer Anne Saunders

Secretary Ingrid Glashoff

Head of Class Representatives Genevieve Mulcahy

Second Hand Shop Coordinator Linda van der Lingen